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Do You Organise Events?

More attendees. Less hassle. The event registration software from XING EVENTS makes organising more efficient.

Happy attendees

With our customer-friendly and fully customizable registration form, you will significantly increase the number of registrations. Our recommendation features encourage your attendees to spread and share your event within their highly relevant personal networks. 

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Save time & resources

Don't waste your time evaluating and accumulating registration information and checking on incoming payments. XING EVENTS manages your entire payment process. Sending out tickets, confirmations and invoices is all done automatically. 

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Professional event website

Customize the design and input fields of the event registration form to meet your individual needs and seamlessly integrate the registration form into your website. Alternatively, you can use our professional ready-to-use event website. Set up pre-registration to personally pick your attendees and to create a waiting list for sold out events.

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Stay Informed

Your event data including sales figures and all attendee details are presented in a comprehensive way in our online interface. Multiple users can access the event data at the same time and edit, or export it to Excel.

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International service

Our event registration software is available in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. Of course our customer support is provided in all available languages and our service team is happy to help you with all your questions.

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More Security

Our servers are highly secured and hosted by a major international telecommunication provider, which performs multiple and constant data back-ups and secures a high level of availability. All attendee and event data is securely available online and exportable at any time.

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