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Pirate Party Conference 2013

hosted by The Pirate Party UK

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

Start: Saturday, Oct 12 2013 10:00 AM

End: Sunday, Oct 13 2013 5:00 PM

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    The Pirate Party Annual Conference will take place on the 12th and 13th of October 2013 in Manchester. It is one of the most important dates in Pirate Politics in the UK. Conference attendees will have the chance to take part in debates, hear about what has been happening within the party and help shape our agenda and approach for the coming year. This year we have spaces for 200 delegates on both days of the conference.
    This year our conference will be split between an internal party conference and a public conference.  In the internal conference we will discuss the state of the party, policy, select our candidates for the European Election and more. During the external conference we will run a series of panel debates, talks and discuss activism.
    Our conference is always an exciting event and a chance for all to get together and discuss the party’s policies and priorities. You will be able to attend panels, get your position across, hold elected party officers to account, arrange to attend training events, network with other pirates, exchange experiences and have some fun.
    Can't Afford a Full Price Ticket?
    As is commonplace to the membership to the Party, we are offering a reduced ticket for those who cannot afford a full price ticket.
    Concession tickets are £8.00 (£4.00 per day)
    If you are on a low income, a student or otherwise a concession and would like a reduced price ticket, please email treasury@pirateparty.org.uk requesting a reduced ticket.
    Registration for reduced tickets closes on Friday 10th October at 11pm.
    Why attend?
    Conference is a unique opportunity to meet other members, elected officers, candidates, researchers and all those other people who are involved with the party. Whether you are an active member or someone who has been watching on the sidelines, conference is a time for you to get to know the party better and to get more involved.
    It also means you can have your say about where the party is and where it is going. We are a small party at present and every voice is valued, so if you have a few choice words for the Party leader, want to bend the Treasurer's ear or meet those candidates you keep hearing about during elections then this is the place to do it. You won't need to be vetted, apply for photo ID or pass your car registration to us in advance.
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    Liverpool Road M3 4FP Manchester United Kingdom
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