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Reports & white papers

Social Media & Events Report 2013

How is the event industry using Social Networks?

Over the last few years, the report has become a must read among event organisers and is considered as an important source of information on the subject of social media in the event industry.

Download Social Media & Events Report 2013

Green Events Report 2013

How green is the event industry?

We surveyed event organisers about whether climate-neutral and sustainable events are becoming more important, as well as what is holding event organisers back from staging environmentally friendly events.

Download the Green Events Report 2013

Social Media & Events Report 2012

How did the event industry use social media in 2012?

We surveyed around 1,000 event organisers worldwide for our Social Media & Events Report 2012. Find out how the usage of social networks changed in 2012 and receive some of our tips and tricks for Social Media Marketing.

Download Social Media & Events Report 2012

amiando Insider Knowledge Ticket Prices

Average ticket price structure at amiando

amiando shows you average ticket prices for the most important event categories based on almost 500,000 ticket sales.

Download Insider Knowledge Ticket Prices

amiando Insider Knowledge Ticket Sale Timeline

Analysis of ticket sales over time

Learn more about the ticket selling process and when the most tickets are sold.

Download Insider Knowledge Ticket Sale Timeline

amiando Insider Knowledge Pricing Categories

Different ticket categories at amiando

From early bird to last minute sales: We show you possible ticket categories and present their success by referencing the appropriate sales figures.

Download Insider Knowledge Pricing Categories

Social Media & Events Report 2011

How does the event industry use social networks?

We surveyed almost 1,000 event organisers worldwide on the topic of social media and events for our Social Media & Events Report 2011. Find out some of our best tips and tricks first-hand.

Download Social Media & Events Report 2011

Social Media Study: Twitter for Events

How you can make your event a success with help from Twitter

We analyzed the behavior of Twitter users at 10 top events and compiled our most important findings on the usage of this social media channel. Find out how you can best use the findings and make your event a success.

Download Social Media Study

Social Media Study: Facebook for Events

Successful Marketing through Facebook for Events

Facebook has become a vital marketing tool for all business models. amiando has compiled the facts and has built a bridge between Facebook and event marketing.

Download Whitepaper "Successful Facebook Marketing"

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