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Dr Sketchy presents The Pirates of the Northern Quarter

hosted by Dr Sketchy Manchester


Friday, Jun 10 2011 7:00 PM

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    Aarrrrrrr - Join Capt'n Sketchy as we set sail for this month's Dr Sketchy Manchester.

    This swashbucklin sketchy will feature the sublime Suzie Sequin as the saucy sailorette.

    And accompanying her on this Pirates of the Northern Quarter themed voyage will be Archie Greaves as his alter ego Capt'n Jim Sparrow - Jack Sparrow's younger brother who lives up North, ahem.

    We'll have all the usual drawing challenges and competitions as well games and plenty of silly stuff. 

    Don't forget your sketchpad, pens and pencils, eye patches and silver pieces for a bottle of rum!

    Doors open at 7pm, drawing starts at 7.30pm.

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Event organizer: Dr Sketchy Manchester
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