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    TEDxNewcastle Live is now soldout. Please register above if you wish to join the waiting list. 
    If you cannot come please let us know at TEDxNewcastle@gmail.com so that we can redistribute your ticket.
    TEDxNewcastle Live is be a simulcast live stream of the TED Conference in California.
    DATE: Wed, 27th February, 2013
    TIME: 4-630PM
    WHERE: Newcastle University, Culture Lab Space 4/5, Kings Walk, NE1 7RU
    COST: Free of Charge

    TEDxNewcastle Live is a collaboration between the Thinking Digital Conference and CultureLab.

    This event will carry Session 4 from the TED Conference. Speakers include..

    • Alastair Parvin, British Architect & Creator of Wikihouse
    • Danny Hillis, Computing Pioneer & Theorist
    • Black, Twice World Yo-yo Champion
    • Lesley Perkes, South African Public Art Instigator
    • Liu Bolin, Chinese Artist
    • Amanda Palmer, Musician
    • Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School Professor & Legal Activitist

    For more information please go to: http://bit.ly/WOACev

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    Event venue address

    Kings Walk NE1 7RU Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom
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Event organizer: Herb Kim
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